What is a Win Worth?

A revolutionary way to invest in athletic performance

2 min readMay 17, 2021

So you like sports? Awesome. You probably have a favorite league and team in mind, but let’s focus on your favorite athlete.

Now think about this for a second. Why is this athlete your favorite?

It’s usually because they perform. They are the best in their league and push the limits of athletic performance, setting the bar higher and higher every game.

So with this being said, if you could invest in your favorite athlete’s performance would you do it?

If your answer is yes, you are definitely not alone.

The desire to capitalize on athletic performance has existed since the dawn of sports. One’s ability to add their personal stake in the outcomes of sporting events has existed since the ancient Greek Olympic games over 2,000 years ago. These dated sports gambling practices were later adopted by the Roman Empire and continued to grow with the evolution of sports into the modern-day sports gambling industry. This global industry is now worth around $203 billion dollars according to Statista.


Current sports gambling practices are very short-sighted. You can bet on the outcomes of sporting events against the house (bookies), or you can bet seasonally against other players (the public) in fantasy sports.

Although these high-risk outlets serve gamblers seeking short-term gains, they do not provide a means for direct investment into athletic performance.

Enter AthleteX Markets.

At AthleteX, our mission is to provide people with the ability to invest in athletic performance. Our online decentralized exchange allows you to buy, sell, and trade Athlete Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Athlete Tokens are digital assets that represent the value of a specific athlete’s performance. These values are determined by in-game statistics and the athlete’s wins over replacement ratio.

For example, a Lebron James Athlete Token would be priced based on his performance relative to the average performance of other players in his league (replacement value). If Lebron’s in-game performance improves over time, his Athlete Token value increases. This would have provided ROI for anyone who purchased his Athlete Token before its price increased (Read more about how this works on our Litepaper).

Our exchange liquidity is backed by our native cryptocurrency, AthleteX Coin. You will soon be able to purchase and stake AX Coin to earn dividends (Click here to learn about our AX Coin presale).

We are excited to announce that our TestNet is coming very soon! Make sure to check out our website at www.athlete-equity.com to learn more about what we are doing and how you can join the community!




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