AthleteX — 1.0.0 Mainnet Launch

Athlete performance tokens are live on!

3 min readSep 9, 2022
AthleteX 1.0.0 is live on

🏆AthleteX is officially live on Mainnet!🏆

The landscape for sports fans has changed forever with the launch of athlete performance tokens on AthleteX. This release officially combines blockchain technology and athletic performance into a gamechanging fan experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about AthleteX.

Multi-Sport Fantasy Leagues

AthleteX is a platform where anyone can build their own roster of athletes from multiple sports. Athlete performance tokens (APTs) contextualize the performance of athletes in competition. APTs are blockchain token Long Short Pair (LSP) contracts. This involves minting two separate token contracts: Long APTs and Short APTs. We adopted this system from UMA and work closely with their team to ensure success. See our APT proposal approved by UMA —

Since professional sports seasons overlap with one another, anyone can draft athlete tokens from a mix of active sports directly into their Digital Wallet. Athlete performance tokens are tradeable at any time by swapping them on our decentralized exchange. The best part is peer-to-peer competition. On AthleteX anyone can swap athlete tokens with users from around the world.

Cross-Chain Deployment

AthleteX is on the edge of innovation when it comes to blockchain technology. High fees, slow transactions, and weak security have led to the scalability problem of blockchains. AthleteX runs atop two networks as part of our Mainnet Release. First, the Polygon Mainnet (MATIC) Network, a transformant zk-rollup scaling solution for the scalability problem. Most transactions are cheaper than a cent, and confirmation times under 30 seconds each trade. MLB athletes are live on the Polygon Network.

AthleteX Mainnet adds support for the SportX Network (SX). SX Network is the blockchain for, the #1 prediction market dapp by betting volume across all chains. SX.Bet has processed +$185,000,000 in betting volume. All bets are peer-to-peer and settled on-chain. Now that AthleteX supports SX Network, athlete performance tokens are directly composable with the rest of Check your eligibility for the airdrop to top bettors here.

Testing Phase Statistics (MLB on Polygon Network)

User Activity Growth during the month of August leading up to Mainnet

DAO Voting

AthleteX is a community owned project for the fantasy sports and crypto degens of the world. All AX token holders can create proposals for the rest of the token holders to vote for or against. Our approach to community feedback is inclusive and supportive. Each athlete performance token on AthleteX is listed by a league vote. Want to see a player on AthleteX? Tell us on Snapshot!

AthleteX 1.0.0 supports the following Athlete Performance Tokens:

Josh Allen
Justin Herbert
Patrick Mahomes
Lamar Jackson
Justin Fields

Jonathan Taylor
Derrick Henry
Christian McCaffrey
Austin Ekeler

Cooper Kupp
Justin Jefferson
Ja’Marr Chase

Travis Kelce
Mark Andrews
Kyle Pitts
George Kittle

All NFL athlete tokens are available through AthleteX. Add, drop, and trade NFL athletes to your Digital Roster on

At AthleteX, we provide fans the ability to invest directly into the performance of their favorite athletes. Our decentralized application supports minting, burning, and swapping Athlete Performance Tokens. AthleteX is the only place on the blockchain with tokens based on athletic performance.

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